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GPHEC is focusing on accrediting Community Paramedic and Critical Care Transport education programs that are conducted through higher education institutions where few independent accreditation bodies exist. Our intention is to avoid the disruption of existing accreditation structures and processes; we are not seeking to be involved in the accrediting of entry-level degree programs where accreditation schemes are already in place. We hope to work constructively with established national accreditation bodies and will provide accreditation services in those countries where the infrastructure to establish national accreditation systems is currently under-developed.

In the longer-term, we envisage working with other accreditation bodies to establish protocols that will lead to joint recognition and ultimately gain international recognition of paramedics and their qualifications as is the case for medicine, nursing and the allied health professions. This recognition would help facilitate greater career mobility for paramedics and contribute to better health outcomes for the communities we serve. GPHEC welcomes collaboration and if you would like to join us in our global mission, please submit an expression of interest application, or feel free to contact us with any questions or queries about GPHEC.

GPHEC Standards and Accreditation

Standards are the cornerstone of our accreditation program. Quality care may only be achieved if both educational and clinical issues are effectively addressed. GPHEC Standards are evidence-based, by international teams of world-renowned experts vested in the improvement and progress of paramedicine education and practice. Standards are developed by consensus within committees consisting of knowledgeable clinicians and quality experts that span the entire continuum of paramedicine academia and practice. International leaders in paramedicine serve on the Standards Development Councils. GPHEC Standards are based upon published medical evidence by the World Federation of Medical Educators.

Site Visitors

Site Visitors are vital to the Council accreditation process. We embrace professionals dedicated to improving paramedic and related specialty education.

More than 200 committed professionals from various countries, provinces and sectors, including practicing Paramedics, Community Paramedics, Critical Care Transport practitioners, faculty, deans, employers, and members serve on GPHEC, GCPHEC and GCTHEC, in a variety of roles. GPHEC seeks diversity of affiliation and experience, but ethnic, gender, age, regional and global diversity as well. Diversity in our roster of volunteers is essential in representing paramedicine students around the world today.

Site Visitors are the backbone of our accreditation process, assuring the quality of paramedic and related specialty education programs. They participate in the process by providing leadership, alignment, research, assessment, evaluation, and site visits to seek evidence that standards are being met.

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